Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sauvignon gris

Origin - France
This cultivar is a grey mutation of Sauvignon blanc 

The description matches that of Sauvignon blanc, except the skin color of ripe berries, which in this case, is usually grey or sometimes pink.

Time of bud burst: 3 days after Sauvignon blanc
Time of maturity: early mid season, same as Sauvignon blanc.

Sauvignon gris is less productive than Sauvignon blanc.

Susceptibility to diseases and pests
The susceptibility of this cultivar is very similar to Sauvignon blanc.

Type of wine/Flavours
Clusters and berries are small. Sauvignon gris produces very powerful, full-bodied wines with flavors a bit heavier and with a lower acidity than Sauvignon blanc. The potential for accumulation of sugars in the grape is very high (more than for Sauvignon blanc) and it seems particularly well suited for the development of sweet wines.

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