Friday, June 24, 2016

Cabernet Sauvignon ENTAV-INRA® N° 412

Imported by Vititec in 2008 and released from quarantine in 2009, this clone was first planted in 2014 in South Africa. According to French data, this clone originates in Gironde and is an earlier maturing clone. In experimentation carried out in Languedoc and Bordeaux, this clone has medium to lower fertility, bunch and berry weights. It has shown a lower production potential, high sugar content, medium acidity, and medium to superior anthocyanin and polyphenolic content.

Wines are appreciated due to their balance structure and tannins with and their very good ageing potential.


Production measured at Domaine du Grand Parc a Latresne, Bordeaux

As can be seen in table 1 and figure 1, clone 412 has similar final wine composition and quality characteristics to ENTAV-INRA N° 337 which has been considered the reference clone in Bordeaux.

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