Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Grenache gris


This cultivar is a mutation of white Grenache.

The description matches that of Grenache noir, except for the berry colour which is yellow-green at full ripeness

Time of bud burst:  early, a few days before Grenache noir.
Time of maturity: mid season, slightly earlier than Grenache noir.

This cultivar seems to be less susceptible to rain damage than Grenache noir and proves to be a little earlier. It is resistant to wind, has an upright habit and is well suited to drought conditions (gravel or stony soils). Grenache blanc, like other types of Grenache, is sensitive of magnesium deficiency.

Susceptibility to diseases and pests
Grenache Blanc is very sensitive to botrytis, phomopsis, downy mildew and bacterial diseases. It is rather resistant to powdery mildew, leaf hoppers and mites.

Type of wine/Flavours
Clusters are large while the berries are medium. Grenache Blanc are used for the preparation of fortified wines but also allows to obtain interesting dry white wines with a long finish, full bodied but sometimes lacks a little acidity.

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