Friday, February 20, 2015


Origin: Italy

This is a fairly productive and vigorous variety that must be spur pruned. A trellis is best to maintain the vegetation.This southern variety is well adapted to hot and dry areas and infertile soils.

The bunches and berries are large. Vermentino B produce wines with a beautiful pale color. These fine wines are balanced and full bodied with an interesting aromatic richness (floral aromas of hawthorn, pear, ...) even though they may lack acidity.

Production   - Good and constant (3 – 4 kg/vine)
Vigor           - Strong , sensitive to wind
Acid            - sometimes lack acidity
Ripens         - Ripens late mid season
Bunch          - Average to large, loose (180 – 300 gram)
Berries        - average size, rosy at full ripeness (2 – 2.8 gram)

856:  yield level: low to medium,  sugar content: medium to high

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