Tuesday, February 14, 2012

143 B Mgt

Origin: Cross between V. vinifera cv Ararnon and V. riparia by Professor Millardet and the Marquis de Grasset in 1882. Imported to South Africa in 1930.

Growing tip: Half open; slightly downy; pale green.

Young leaves: Light green, lower surface glabrous.

Leaf: Fairly large, surface smooth to slightly wavy; three lobed; petiolar sinus lyre shaped; lower surface glabrous, pubescent on veins, no sign of red, thin, paper like.

Flowers: Morphological hermaphrodite, physiological male; long, thin clusters with small black berries; small pips.

Shoot: Light to yellowish green, slightly ribbed, glabrous.

Cane: Smooth and glabrous, big buds; light brown to light gray in color.
Aptitudes: Budding very early, poorly adapted to high lime content soils, phylloxera resistance not sufficient, not allowed in Germany, well adapted to heavy wet soils with poor internal draining, poor affinity with some scion cultivars, nematode resistance not sufficient, propagate and graft easy, field grafting usually under average, very good drought resistance, good resistance against Phytophthora cinnamomi; reasonably resistant tot saline soils.

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