Thursday, June 7, 2012


Synonym - Viura
Origin - Spain

Bunches very large, pyramidal, very ramified, often winged, loose;
berries spherical, average, gilded yellow, juicy

Budding rather late, a few days after Carignan. Very vigorous cultivar, upright growth habit, sensitive to wind. It is rather delicate, sensitive to oïdium, a little less to powdery mildew and not well adapted to wet and cold soils (grey rot) as well as very dry soils where it is sensitive to Esca.

Ripens late season.

Wine and production ability

Depending on terroir, Macabeu produce good, fruity wines with a yellow straw colour. Acid sometimes a bit low. Is also used for the production of sparkling wines.

Flavours of anise and honey.

In France it is cultivated in the following areas: Côtes de Roussillon, Banyuls, Maury en Rivesaltes. 

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